Developing Schizophrenia is No Excuse to Not Be Fit!

Developing Schizophrenia is No Excuse to Not Be Fit!

Jun 29
Developing Schizophrenia is No Excuse to Not Be Fit!

Schizophrenia represents one of the most common mental disorders currently affecting around 1% from the total population of the world. It comes in many shapes and forms and, although it is catalogued as a chronic disorder, treatment can be extremely efficient in patients, especially in those starting it right away.

But treating and coping with schizophrenia is more than a medical routine with same medications taken at the same time every day; patients suffering from schizophrenia have more chances of keeping the disease under control if they follow a strict daily routine, combined with a healthier diet, psychological counseling and a workout routine.

When talking about patients with schizophrenia, the most common signs of the disease are the person’s split or changed personality. This includes the following:

  • Delusions or delirium
  • Hallucinations (mainly auditory and visual)
  • Disorganized speech (mainly starting with coherent phrases or sentences only to lose track of thoughts after a few minutes)
  • Depersonalization
  • Social withdrawal (patients often become socially introverted, losing communication with family and friends only to find comfort in their own delusional world)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of personal hygiene.

Often these symptoms come combined and do not appear at once at a patient with schizophrenia. Some symptoms may develop in time, while some might not occur at all, depending on how grave the form of the disease is. No matter the case, behavioral changes are always the easiest ones to notice and to treat.

Unfortunately, with these symptoms come a wide range of possible other illnesses and diseases the patient may develop. For instance, patients suffering from schizophrenia are also prone to cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and even obesity.

However, being diagnosed with schizophrenia is no excuse for the patient to find comfort in his or her own irrational world and forget about everything else, including the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. Thus, one of the easiest methods of fighting against the symptoms of schizophrenia is to convince patients adopting a regular workout routine.

This workout routine may only include around 30 minutes of physical exercises a day, consisting of mild cardio exercises, fitness, yoga, Pilates, long walks or mild jogging. No matter the type of exercises the patient adopts, it is highly recommendable to continue with them until he or she develops a daily routine.

Constant physical exercises will not only improve the patient’s appearance and result in a fitter, well-built body, but will also work wonders upon the psychic. It is known that physical exercising helps the body pumping more oxygen into the vital organs, including the brain, while also releasing chemical hormones called endorphins. These endorphins are also called “the happiness hormones” as they are directly responsible to stimulating that area of the brain which reacts positively. Releasing an increased quantity of endorphins will have positive results upon the patient’s behavior: he or she will feel happier, more pleased, more relaxed and in a better mood. This is why staying fit while fighting schizophrenia is a must!

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