Go Pro For the Best Tooth Whitening

Go Pro For the Best Tooth Whitening

Jun 18
Go Pro For the Best Tooth Whitening

A yellow or even off-white smile is embarrassing, and what is worse most people do not even realize that their teeth are discolored until they have been that way a while. Once they do realize that their teeth are not the pristine white they thought, be it through a photo or a friend kind enough to be honest, the next step is trying to figure out how to solve the problem. Looking up a family dentist in Little Rock is easy enough and there are many professional tooth whitening options available if someone is looking to improve their smile.

But does professional tooth whitening really work? The simple answer is yes, but to varying degrees depending on the individual’s teeth and level of damage.

If you are looking to brighten your smile look up your family dentist in little rock. Tooth whitening procedures are noninvasive, the level of tooth whitening required or desired, and the technique used will determine the amount of discomfort. However for the most part it is a low pain procedure, although some tooth sensitivity may occur in the period right after the whitening. Professional Whitening reduces the sensitivity and gum pain because the doctor has stronger concentrations, and thicker gels available to keep your teeth safe during the procedure. Often at home with weak products consumers are tempted to leave the gel on for too long in order to get better results and end up with sensitive teeth and painful gums. If you want professional results, go to the professionals.

Tooth Whitening is not the procedure, it is the result. There are many different procedures that cause teeth to be brighter and whiter. The most common procedure right now is chair-side whitening or bleaching. With chair-side whitening the results are fast, long lasting, and safer than at home kits. The dentist will clean off any debris from your teeth, take a before picture, insert a cheek retractor to expose teeth to be worked on, then a protective coat or damn will be put on your gums, after that the gel will be applied to your teeth and remain for at least fifteen minutes, the gel will be washed off every fifteen minutes and then reapplied until level of whiteness desired is accomplished. If four shades lighter is not enough, an additional procedure may be necessary.

Improving your smile is important today, the new term, instead of “Put Your Best Foot Forward” Should Be “But Your Best Smile Out There.” Pretty white teeth on a man or woman show that they are clean and healthy, it shows confidence and subliminally indicates competence. So put your best smile out there in Little Rock, at your local family dentist.

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