Mastering A Cleaner Shave

Mastering A Cleaner Shave

Jun 06
Mastering A Cleaner Shave

Despite the fact that the straight bladed mens shaving razors are no longer around along with the shaving cream that many barbershops and other individuals used to use there are still a few basic techniques that are around that do nor require a whole lot known how. One of the biggest tips that can be offered to guys looking to master the art of getting a closer shave is to shave after taking a shower instead of before. By shaving before taking a shower the facial area may be dried out and the pores are all closed, this causes whiskers to harden. However, when whiskers are softened it is easier to shave.

There is more to shaving then simply rubbing some shaving cream on the face and beginning. Instead, the face should be hydrated making the face and whiskers softer; a perfect condition for using mens shaving razors. A couple tips tips that are advised to be considered are as follows. When rubbing the shaving cream on make sure the face has hot water dripping from it. Once the shaving cream has been applied allow it to soak into the facial pores. While any kind of shaving cream will work efficiently for such a task using a shaving brush works better and has the added benefit of a thicker lather as well as hydration.

The next step on how to master a cleaner shave is to use the cat ridge style of mens shaving razors. Many of these razors, especially those that have newer designs, have multiple blades and in most cases are even better than the commonly available disposable razor. The number one rule to always remember is to be careful when shaving. One way to be sure safety is followed but a close clean shave is the end result is to shave in the direction the whiskers are going. By shaving in this motion and not pressing the razor against the skin any nicks, cuts and or razor burns will not be a issue.

After shaving with a cartridge style razor it is advised to rinse with cold water allowing the facial pores to close up. As soon as that is all done the only thing left to do is to apply any type of moisturizer or any type of aftershave, make sure it does not have alcohol in it.In conclusion, that is all there really is to mastering a cleaner closer shave. The only thing that one needs to always remember is to be careful when shaving, always shave against the whisker’s direction, and that hot water is the key to getting a closer shave. If these main steps are followed the results will be as described.

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