OPEX Fitness Empowers Coaches, Athletes, And Gym Owners World Wide

OPEX Fitness Empowers Coaches, Athletes, And Gym Owners World Wide

Mar 13

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the revolutionary fitness brand OPEX Fitness has begun to show its impact on a global scale. Founded in 2014 by James Fitzgerald, winner of the first inaugural CrossFit Games, OPEX Fitness has proven to be a model for excellence for individual coaches, athletes, and gym owners since day one.


With a stated mission, “To Inspire People to Live a Larger Life” OPEX’s core values challenge the preconceived notions of coaching and training with the intention of rethinking what’s possible. OPEX seeks to empowering driven individuals at every level of the fitness industry, from coaches and athletes to gym owners.


OPEX achieves local and global impact by functioning in 4 primary ways:


  • OPEX Fitness’ Coaching Certification Program (CCP) which teaches coaches to dynamically build a roadmap for their career instead of simply giving them another coaching certificating. The OPEX Coaching Certification Program gives coaches the tools they need to get the most out of their careers, while providing the highest level of training for their clients.
  • Remote Coaching allows OPEX Certified coaches to have a global impact. Gone are the days in which an individual’s careers was limited by the town in which they lived. OPEX’s Remote Coaching Program gives OPEX coaches the ability to have one-on-one impact from anywhere as they provide top-level training and help clients meet their fitness goals.
  • Licensing gives gym owners from around the world the opportunity to join the OPEX revolution. The OPEX Fitness Licensing program is designed to solve the persistent problems gym owners facing gym owners. It provides standards of excellence for coaches, clients, and ownership while offer support at every level including business coaching calls, marketing and advertising support, and OPEX Level 1 CCP access.
  • Onsite Coaching is available at any OPEX or OPEX licensed gym. Onsite Coaching provides intense one-on-one in person training with one of OPEX’s top-tier coaches.


Founder of OPEX, James Fitzgerald, states that OPEX was born from one unifying tenet, “We are going to teach coaches how to be the pillars of their communities while enjoying their craft, continuing to learn, and enjoying fulfillment day in and day out.”


OPEX’s coach-centric approach places a focus on relentless growth and ferocious curiosity. This has enabled OPEX to begin a fitness revolution while empowering coaches and clients on a global and local scale.


Coaches interested in learning more about OPEX Fitness may download OPEX’s free coaching toolkit.


Gym owners and athletes interested in learning more about OPEX Fitness and the OPEX global revolution should visit OPEXfit.com, today.

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